Moody’s is 700 metres down Stagecoach Road from the junction with the Icely Road at Mayfield. The Icely Road leaves Orange at the Canobolas Rural Technology High School, and comes out for 9km past Sharpes Wines.

The vineyard is in the Emu Swamp location in the east of Cabonne shire. Emu Swamp is the land around Emu Swamp Creek, which rises in the hills behind Lucknow, and flows north, past Moody’s, Mayfield, Blunt’s Farm and the Kinross Forest to eventually join the Macquarie River.

Open Hours:

Moody’s is open weekends and public holidays, 10:30am to 5pm.

Phone: (02) 6365 9117

Office hours: (02) 6391 3647 Mon-Fri