Peter 1946 –

Peter with Finchley Young Conservatives

An admiring audience of Finchley Young Conservatives as Peter explains the difference between Château Lafite and EMVA Cream, as an ingredient of trifle

In contrast to Tony’s late entry into the wine business, his brother Peter joined the industry straight from University. His first work was with Fine Wine cellars in Southwark, where he filled customers’ orders for mixed dozens of fine wine, throwing Château Lafite and Petrus into boxes with Gay Abandon. Whilst Gay went on to manage the Lafite account, Peter moved on to the duty paid bottling plant in Bromley where he blended sherries from South Africa and Cyprus to the EMVA Cream and EMVA Dry brands, much loved by little old ladies and brown paper bag guzzlers.

He was eventually rescued from this industrial end of the trade to go and work in the cellars of Hedges and Butler in Regent Street, where he progressed to becoming a buyer. His French language skills gave him the enviable job of engaging French producteurs on the phone and giving them orders for wines so fine one can only dream of.

But just as grandfather Edward found he had to sell his retail shops to a brewery, so fine wine purveyors Hedges and Butler were bought by the brewery conglomerate Charrington, who tempted Peter with a Ford Cortina Estate if he could manage their bottle shops in the northern Home Counties. The glory of an independent job with a company car soon wilted with the experience of bottle shop managers, and the management of the consequences of theft displacing any creative marketing initiatives.

So Peter left the industry and found a rewarding job advising those leaving the armed services how to find themselves jobs in “civvy street”, based in glorious Cornwall.