Percy in Canada

Percy in Canada, aged 19


Edward died in 1908, and my great grand-mother had to cable Percy in Canada, to ask him to return and help her run the shop. This my grand-father did, and apart from a break between 1915 and 1919, when he served in the artillery, he ran the shop business until he sold it and retired in 1956. Percy was a careful businessman, and he built up Moody’s Wines to a chain of 16 wine and spirit shops in Birkenhead and the neighbouring suburbs of Bromborough, Bebington and Rock Ferry.

Percy bought most of the wine he sold by the barrel, from vineyards in Bordeaux, Burgundy and Jerez, whence it was shipped to Liverpool docks, where he, and later, my father, would pick up the barrels with the company truck, and bring it back to the Argyle Street shop where it was bottled in the cellars and labelled as a Moody’s Wine from such and such a vineyard, and distributed around the shops for retail.

As Percy had become a very good friend with a French sailor during WW1 he would sometimes travel to France himself, to visit the vineyards and choose the wine that the shops would sell. That Frenchman was Louis Julienne, and his grandson Alain is my best friend, and we have holidayed together since we were 14. He lives in le Havre.