Edward 1840-1908

Edward returning from continent on the ferry


Moody’s Wines was founded in 1902 in Birkenhead, Merseyside England, by Edward Moody, my great grand-father. Edward had worked as a buyer of fine foods for Salmon and Gluckstein, who were London based, and later became part of Joe Lyons. He apparently travelled to France and the Low Countries looking for tasty stuff to be sold by his employers. He left Salmon and Gluckstein and moved to Liverpool in the early 1890’s, with a young family, and went into partnership to open “Moody’s Limited” at 63 Great Charlotte Street. But Edward saw that Birkenhead, across the river Mersey, was growing with its ship building industry, and moved over there in 1902 to start Moody’s Wines.

The family all moved over, and lived above the shop, a three story terrace building at 76 Argyle Street. His sons Percy and Arthur, were 16 and 15 respectively and they left home very soon after this, Percy to sail to Canada to seek his fortune in the timber industry and railroad building, and Arthur, to join the merchant navy as a boy apprentice. Edward developed “Moody’s Wines” in Birkenhead, and started selling a range of French Spanish and Australian wines, as well as Whisky, Brandy and Rum.