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2017 Shiraz boosts the range!

The 2017 Shiraz is now at the cellar door. It tastes good! It joins the 2015 Shiraz, 2017 and 2015 Sav Blancs and the 2016 Rosé, to await your pleasure! Come by and try!

Come into the cool!

It has been a bit warm lately. The grapes are thankfully not suffering as we can put a splash of irrigation on them, but the apple trees have felt the stress and have shed many immature fruit.  But it is nice and cool in the cellar door, so come and sit around the table enjoying a taste, or a glass, of chilled white or rosé. And a happy and healthy new year to all my customers.

Looking good

One of this year’s flowers – and there are so many  that if they all turn into bunches, we will have another big harvest of Shiraz. Reza al Niño!


We are open again and the 2017 Sauvignon Blanc is at the cellar door, and proving quite popular! But this weekend the Vin d’Orange has been the winner! Please come by and try it.

Of course, the Rosé and Shiraz are still consistently good, and continue to sell well.

2017 Shiraz harvest

After a very strange summer – January very hot and dry, late February and March wet and cool – it took a long time to get the Shiraz to ripen.

We just made it the weekend before Easter and were able to pick a tonne and a half of good grapes,

Through a glass darkly

I was recently given a bottle of 2011 Pommard. Delicious! 

Closed January to Easter 2017

I had to go to Sydney for heart surgery in late January, and had to close the cellar door until Easter. All good now, and 90 people came over the Easter weekend.


2016 Rosé on sale now!

I collected the 2016 “Paquita” Rosé from Chris Derrez at the weekend, just getting it into store before it started to rain (which it has now for 3 days solid). It has a beautiful colour and a good taste – neither too dry nor too sweet.

Why Paquita? Germaine “Paquita” Brocard was the daughter of my grandfather’s best friend Louis Julienne. When I was 12 I spent the first of many summer holidays with her family. Since then Germaine became like a second mother, and her sons like brothers. Germaine grew up in Provence, and she painted this view in the style of Cézanne, of the country round Aix. “Paquita” passed away at the age of 96 just two days after the Shiraz grapes were picked for this wine.

2007  Shiraz

2007 the Winner in vertical tasting

They tasted from 2003 to 2009 and the clear winner was the 2007, which also was the year of drought with a harvest half the size of normal, and the dam totally dried up.vertical result


Vertical Tasting of Moody’s Shiraz

v12In 2006 I met a group of Ulysses bikers at the Old Mill in Laggan, where they tried my Shiraz. Since then they have been collecting it and two weeks ago they all came here and we had a vertical tasting.