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What a Surprise! Moody’s First 2002 vintage

I was cleaning out my wine cellar over the weekend and I found this bottle of 2002 Shiraz. this was my first vintage, picked 200kg grapes. Baz Jensen helped me crush it – with our feet, in a tub in the laundry. We took it to Phil Stevenson for fermentation, and when it was ready I bottled it in 2nd hand bottles. I did not filter it. When I first tasted it, it was dirty-linen-basket – bacteria spoiled? So I threw it all away. Except this bottle. When I opened it on Wednesday night I expected the worst – but I could not believe it was like a good aged Bordeaux! I took it to Simon at Ferment and he confirmed;

“Aromatic, still fruity, aged very well. Have you got a couple of cases?”

Then I took it to Chris, my wine maker:

“Yes, very good. Aged well, like a good Bordeaux (no prompting), good oak and fruit intensity, a fine wine”

So that’s it, all gone, but what a birthright!

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