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Eugowra – the painted village, where Ben Hall did his hold-up

Eugowra, between here and Forbes, the village has recently repainted all the public buildings in commemoration of the Ben Hall hold-up at Escort Rock, 150 years ago in 1862.

It is certainly worth a detour and a bit of time, maybe some amber fluid at the iconoic “Fat Lamb”. I went there on the day that they were doing the painting – artists from all over eastern Australia. They have done the same in Sheffield, Tasmania, where my great-uncle in law, Les Sender, was the GP for years, and the central mural is dedicated to him.

Eugowra will have a Grand Parade and re-enactment of the hold-up on 16 June at the showgrounds and it should be a fun day out. But go lok at the murals any time!