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Lucy and friends


Lucy and friends came and spent the afternoon at the cellar door. They went away with a lot of Rosé.

Food Week 2012

Julie, Cosimo, Hayley and Josie - Cosimo doing the usual Italian charm bit


Moody’s Food Week event was held on the weekend of 14 15 April and the weather was really kind. Over 50 visitors came to taste our Mediterranean plate, amongst them Cosimo and Josie who are in coffee in the southern highlands, Chinner and his family/mates who spent the afternoon enjoying the wine and playing Scrabble, and a great group of Finns who are setting up a branch of Sandvik in Orange to exploit the mining industry.

I was helped by Julie, a Kenyan girl who is staying with me while she looks for a house, and Rachel and Hayley from down the road.