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Rain, Rain, Rain

Since the beginning of May we have had 613 mm, or 23 inches, of rain, which has saturated our clay soil and is draining only slowly down the slope. Today, 2 October is the first day of warm sunshine, but it will take many more to bring the vineyard back for a good budburst this year. This dramatic photo was taken 1,000 km away in the Barossa, where the result of rain has been much more dramatic! We must keep our fingers crossed!


2016 Rosé on sale now!

I collected the 2016 “Paquita” Rosé from Chris Derrez at the weekend, just getting it into store before it started to rain (which it has now for 3 days solid). It has a beautiful colour and a good taste – neither too dry nor too sweet.

Why Paquita? Germaine “Paquita” Brocard was the daughter of my grandfather’s best friend Louis Julienne. When I was 12 I spent the first of many summer holidays with her family. Since then Germaine became like a second mother, and her sons like brothers. Germaine grew up in Provence, and she painted this view in the style of Cézanne, of the country round Aix. “Paquita” passed away at the age of 96 just two days after the Shiraz grapes were picked for this wine.

2007  Shiraz

2007 the Winner in vertical tasting

They tasted from 2003 to 2009 and the clear winner was the 2007, which also was the year of drought with a harvest half the size of normal, and the dam totally dried up.vertical result