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What a Surprise! Moody's First 2002 vintage

I was cleaning out my wine cellar over the weekend and I found this bottle of 2002 Shiraz. this was my first vintage, picked 200kg grapes. Baz Jensen helped me crush it – with our feet, in a tub in the laundry. We took it to Phil Stevenson for fermentation, and when it was ready I bottled it in 2nd hand bottles. I did not filter it. When I first tasted it, it was dirty-linen-basket – bacteria spoiled? So I threw it all away. Except this bottle. When I opened it on Wednesday night I expected the worst – but I could not believe it was like a good aged Bordeaux! I took it to Simon at Ferment and he confirmed;

“Aromatic, still fruity, aged very well. Have you got a couple of cases?”

Then I took it to Chris, my wine maker:

“Yes, very good. Aged well, like a good Bordeaux (no prompting), good oak and fruit intensity, a fine wine”

So that’s it, all gone, but what a birthright!

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vintage 2014

Vintage 2014

Both the 2014 Shiraz and 2014 Sauvignon Blanc are available for tasting at the cellar door, and there are still some bottles of the 2013 “Cocky Rosé” which has been selling very well.

wines of the west

Wines of the West

24-25 January the Carrington Hotel in Katoomba is holding a wine show “Wines of the West”. So, naturally, Moody’s will be there and giving you an opportunity to taste the 2014 vintages.

The Carrington will also be serving lunches in the “WOW Regional Food Café”, and there will be exhibitors from all over the Central West.